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TOPIC: Runescape players what's going to occur

Runescape players what's going to occur 8 months 2 days ago #63263

Another thing that could go a long way in helping runescape players is visuals when it comes to telegraphing strikes. FF14 is a sport much like RS in that it could be considered slow yet what they do over there is whenever a particular transfer is coming up, they utilize one of their"universal warnings" to signify to runescape players what's going to occur. The RuneScape gold is that a yellow circle on the floor, that means in a few minutes something is going to hit this place so that you should get out. Latency aside, it's pretty forgiving as long as you are paying attention and react fairly fast (such as in 1-1.5 seconds normally) that helps a lot when you have a 2.5s GCD.

If we had better warnings and visuals as to where things will happen, that would go a very long way in getting people into PvM, such as for instance, if we take Araxxor's cleave capacity, if 2-3 seconds before he is about to take action, then a warning line seems on the floor where it will hit, letting you know you don't want to be on some of these tiles. At this time you have to know where the secure zone is and also this attack's timing based on trial & error or looking up the wiki, which could be fine if efforts did not cost. Sure, there's practice mode, but all that covers is your cost of passing, everything else you utilize still comes from pocket.

Are you guys prepared to re-learn RuneScape battle? It's no surprise people hate change, but only imagine what the response of most would be if they announce RuneScape battle is Shifting again. RuneScape would really benefit from a simplified battle system I agree 100%, since honestly, redoing the whole tick system won't occur at all, since runescape game isn't any longer RuneScape, and at this point they're better off creating a completely new game compared to redoing everything and attempting to repair something as old as the internet.

Consequently, if you do not mind reading through all my rambling below, and if the votes are disregarded by you my opinion may collect. A simplified EOC System, complex enough to buy RS gold to keep the competitive runescape players satisfied and enticing yet simple for returning/new runescape players should work like this: Create all skills available at the start of the runescape game (using their exceptions and unlockables complete like: devotion, tuska's wrath, corruption shooter, etc.) There's no point in levelling up in order to unlock all skills. Make all of them available from the start so new runescape players may build their own ability bars, and give them a goal to pursue (unlock the remaining skills ).
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