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TOPIC: Marvel Snap: Best Living Court Deck

Marvel Snap: Best Living Court Deck 6 months 3 weeks ago #1053615

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There are thousands of combinations in a deck of cards that can be used in Marvel Snap. Most decks in virtual card games are created to take advantage of the abilities of specific cards or to focus on specific types of abilities, such as persistent cards. Players can prepare enough Marvel Snap Top Up in the game.

When looking to use the Tribunal of Life card, players will want to focus on its abilities, as it has one of the most unique abilities in the game. Thanks to the Tribunal of Life's ability to distribute power between locations, fans can occupy all three locations, leaving just enough room for opponents to fight back.

Best decks for Tribunal of Life
The Tribunal of Life is a 6 cost card with a powerful 9 power. Not only does this fantastic card give a position 9 power, but it also has an ongoing ability that divides the player's total power equally between all three positions. Essentially, the Tribunal of Life does provide 3 powers to each location. With this awesome ability, a player can build a deck that provides a lot of power to one or two locations, then throw the Tribunal of Life to easily win at least two of those locations.

In this way, players will want to play this Assault on Court deck. The Onslaught of the Court deck is a continuation deck that utilizes cards that multiply power to distribute said power between locations. Players can even win positions where they don't have any cards.

There are a lot of higher energy cards in this deck, but for good reason. Each possesses a powerful ability to bring out the power of the Tribunal of Life enough to win the game. To help combat the fact that players only have so much energy per turn, even if high cost cards are required, Magik and Electro are used. Magik ensures the seventh turn, while Electro gives the player +2 maximum energy each turn.

The Invisible Woman is used to hide the Tribunal of Life and other cards such as Omega Red, Mystique, Demon Dinosaur, and more. This helps defend against counterattacks. The real heart of the deck is Iron Man, Demon Dinosaur, and Onslaught. Iron Man and Devil Dinosaur are able to make a location well over 50 powers. This is especially true for Onslaught. The Tribunal of Life can then distribute power to all locations to ensure victory.

Here's what each card in the Onslaught of Court deck does:

Ant-Man: Ongoing - +3 Strength if the player's slot is full.
Invisible Woman: In Progress - Friendly cards are not revealed until the end of the game.
Mystique : On Reveal — If the last friendly card has an ongoing ability, duplicate it.
Wave: When revealed — next turn, all cards cost 4 Energy.
Magik : On Reveal — Turns this location into a Limbo. (There is a turn seven).
Electro : When displayed - the player has +2 Energy. In Progress - Players can only play one card per turn.
Jubilee : On Reveal — Plays a random card from the player's deck to this location.
Omega Red: Ongoing - If the player leads by 10 Strength in this position, then +4 Strength in other positions.
Demonic Dinosaurs: Ongoing — +2 power for each card in a player's hand.
Iron Man: In Progress - Doubles the power of the location.
Tribunal of Life: In Progress - Divides the player's total power equally across all locations.
Onslaught: Sustaining - Sustaining effects are doubled here.

Best cards to use in a living court deck
Tribunal of Life only does well when used with cards that can help a location retain a lot of power. There are many heavyweight characters in Marvel Snap, such as the Hulk and Death, but players will want to look for cards that help multiply the power of other cards. Plus, the incorporation of more powers will help players perfectly strategize their cards.

Tribunal of Life works amazingly with Iron Man, who can double the power and onslaught of a location, doubling the effects of other persistent cards. With these two, a position can easily reach 50 power or more. Other cards that work well with Tribunal of Life are Sorcerer and Demon Dinosaur.

Best counter for life court
Tribunal of Life garnered attention after the release of this card, especially after Phoenix Rise. Many players have dominated the virtual table with this 6-cost card, making it a possible threat for fans in future matches. Because of this, many players will want to take advantage of the best counters in Tribunal of Life. Sometimes a player can easily win simply by having more power in two locations than the split power of the other's life court. However, this isn't always the case, especially against an opponent's Onslaught Court deck.

To counter living courts, players can use Enchantress, which renders the court's abilities useless, or even Echo, which removes any opponent's ongoing abilities from cards played in the Echo's location. Both rely on the player playing a card in the Tribunal of Life position, or at least "reading" where the opponent is most likely to play that card. Goose can also be used to control a position so that opponents cannot play Tribunal of Life in goose position. For more game guides, please visit www.777chips.com/.
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